Executive Medicals

Health Assessment and Management

It is well recognised that regular comprehensive medical assessments, early disease detection and health screening have many, far-reaching benefits.

Regular review of current health conditions also ensures optimal management and assists in the prevention of complications and long-term consequences.

Details of the Executive Medical Package

The Executive Medical is a thorough health assessment of an individuals current health status.

The Executive Medical is an individualised medical evaluation that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full Physical Examination:
    Cardiovascular system and risk assessment
    Musculoskeletal assessment
    Skin check
    Ear, nose and throat examination
    Neurological assessment
    Vision test
  • Health Screening tests (as required) –
    Mammogram, Cervical Screening, PSA test
  • Blood tests
  • Personal, family and lifestyle history assessment
  • Nutritional profile
  • Measurements – height, weight, BMI, body fat
  • Spirometry – measurement of lung capacity

What Happens Next?

Based on the findings of the Executive Medical assessment, recommendations may be made for further diagnostics, specialist referrals or follow up requirements.

We can assist in the facilitation of any recommendations provided.

Upon completion of the Executive Medical assessment, a comprehensive report is provided that includes all measurements, results and recommendations.

Proven Results

We have facilitated a large number of Executive Medicals and seen outstanding outcomes as a consequence.

Clients have received new medical diagnoses, had medications optimised, been referred for specialist management, been provided with health education and received life-saving surgeries.

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